Gardens of Kyoto- Kinkaku-ji

Kinkaku-ji, or the Golden Pavilion is another of Kyoto’s most famous historical pieces of architecture (in 1994 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It is interesting to contrast Ginkaku-ji, with its large Silver Sea of gravel, with the layout and actual pond of the Golden Pavilion.

The Silver Pavilion of Ginkaku-ji was an homage to the more elaborate Golden Pavilion. Historically, however the Silver Pavilion holds significance as an original structure, whereas the Golden Pavilion has been reconstructed after being burned in 1950.

The fusion of architecture and the surrounding landscape in these temples and shrines is amazing. It is interesting how Frank Lloyd
methodology of organic architecture parallels the  incorporation of the design and layout of the building to its surroundings in a similar way to these Japanese pieces.


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