Can You Pour “Dry” Concrete?

In constructing new fences, we are often slower than fence companies in our build-out. We take our time with woodwork, making sure our piers, connections, fence panels and gates will last. One technique that some fence builders will use is to dry set their posts. Essentially, they dump in sacks of dry ready mix and wet them in the post hole. They will tell you there is no difference in this method and wet mixing the concrete in a mixer or wheel barrow and pouring it in the hole. This type of technique and other time savers is how they can build faster and cheaper than we can. We have always been skeptical of dry setting fence post piers, but never had directly compared the two methods.

This video from Bart Komar at the YouTube channel the Komar Project compared wet and dry pours and their overall durability. It was no surprise than dry pouring concrete is not as hard or durable as a properly mixed batch.