The Photographic Revolution

I received an advertisement from Nikon today touting the company’s new D200 Digital SLR Camera. Targeted at everyday photo enthusiasts, this ten megapixel camera retails for $1,700. The way computers, cameras and memory storage devices have advanced is amazing. Our first digital camera for job site photography was a Casio that wouldn’t take a clear image unless it was on a tripod and probably had less than a megapixels in resolution.

Also amazing are the cards that go into modern cameras, the size of a postage stamp and over 1gb in size are amazing considering the technological capabilities of 10-15 years ago. Our early Packard Bell 386 Windows 3.0 Machine boasted a robust 40mb of internal memory. We upgraded that machine with a 100mb memory board (the size of a foot-long sub).

All this exponential storage and quality improvement means that today’s youngsters will probably barely know a film camera. And, their digital cameras will take better quality photographs than the best 35mm consumer film cameras of a generation ago!