Digital Basemaps

Continuing on the technological theme from yesterday’s post, another innovation that has made planning easier, less costly, and more accurate are digitally surveyed basemaps for landscape plans. We use a basemap creation service, a firm that specializes in providing elevation and base information for golf courses and landscape projects. Instead of measuring existing features such as fence lines, house footprints, etc. with a tape measure, the site is digitally surveyed using state of the art digital surveying tools and GPS equipment. A series of points are taken and then translated into a computerized drawing that pinpoints the location of existing features and elevation changes.

What this means is a product that is more accurate, less time consuming to create and much easier to use and manipulate throughout the design process. We are able to have the accuracy of a traditional surveyor, but at a fraction of the cost.

For more information on having a digital basemap created in the Marin or Sonoma County area check out MapMaking Systems, the firm out of Sonoma County that creates our basemaps.