Striking Images from Germany’s Duisberg Nord

Duisburg Nord is one of Germany’s groundbreaking parks
that took an old steel production district and transformed it into a park. The juxtaposition of old hulking rusted equipment and new park features make for an unique experience.

An overview from their website:
If you are looking for recreation, an exciting experience, education or fun, the Duisburg-Nord Country Park is all you need. At a site where the blast furnace heat was almost unbearable you can now cool down and relax. Young trees and old furnaces overlook a park for everybody and everything – and even more, as you can simply climb to the roof of the Ruhr and enjoy the view, experience top events live in a factory building or track regional history in a world of steel. Welcome to Park Land without frontiers.





This park has served as an interesting model for other post-industrial cities looking to redevelop their old manufacturing areas.

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