Outstanding Service

After some frustrating experiences recently with SBC connecting phone service
to our office, I reminisced on when the last time I received truly excellent
customer service. In the case of SBC, I made 10 separate calls to get the
automated DSL phone service to connect to a representative and had another 45
minute hold inquiring about our order (I have great luck with phone

The last truly distinct service experience with a large company was with
Microsoft. We had just updated our computers to Windows 2000 and there was a
problem with a conflict that was causing Windows not to operate properly. I
called the 24 hour support line at about 10:00pm and I think we did not wrap up
until 2 or 3 in the morning. The tech was great; he walked me through every
contingency until we found the problem.

The fact that the technical support representative was competent and able to
solve this complicated and difficult problem was impressive enough. For those
readers familiar troubleshooting computers, especially Windows, there can be
many set of variables involved. However, the crowning and memorable service
moment happened about a week later. I received in the mail a gift tower from
Harry & David and a thank you note from customer support.

Now I don’t know if this is standard operating procedure in this case. I
would assume not. Maybe the follow-up gift was because of the duration of the
call; maybe it was because Windows 2000 at the time was newly released and
several large companies were switching over at the same time- whatever the
reason, Microsoft
Support got a gold star in my book for great service and great follow