Completed Project- Tiburon

We are
working on finishing up this hilltop project in Tiburon. This was a large
project that involved dramatically reshaping the existing landscape to improve
the great views of San Francisco
and Belvedere. We also created a cohesive style that flowed well with the
architecture of the residence. To accomplish this, large segmental block retaining walls were constructed capped with custom railings to expand the yard space. This then provided an envelope for a side terrace with outdoor fireplace, and connecting flagstone patios.


Flagstone Patio with View to Belvedere Lagoon and San Francisco

ptb2.JPGFlagstone Patio and Seat wall with connecting Flagstone Path

ptb3.JPGStained Redwood Side Gate

ptb4.JPGCustom Redwood and Metal Mesh Panel Railing

ptb5.JPGSide Terrace with Indian Sandstone and Stucco Walls capped with Flagstone

ptb6.JPGPlantings and Railing- Vines have been planted and over time will create green fence panels

ptb7.JPGLawn area with Dwarf Olive Hedge