Reflections on Blogging

As we approach 70 entries and over 3 months in our landscape blog, I pause to reflect a bit on blogging in general.

Our concept behind having a blog for O’Connell Landscape, was to give a living aspect to our site. Something that would be continually updated and that would let clients and potential customers see “behind the scenes.” Now this blog differs from some other blogs, in that, we typically don’t do blow by blows of what is happening in the company. Rather, we try to post items that would be of interest concerning gardening, materials, landscape architecture, the occasional rant, etc. This allows anyone a good general reference, and hopefully allows potential customers to see a bit of our background and expertise.

Hopefully, we have been successful to some degree in our initial goals. We have had some good feedback from clients that have seen the blog, and from strangers that may find us via Google or other means. The blog is work, typically it takes between 30 minutes to an hour per post depending on the content. But, it is an enjoyable activity, and gives some diversity to the information available on our website.

From the Comments Section

I received an interesting comment from a visitor last week concerning some errors in word usage in one of our posts. Comments are always much appreciated, as it gives us feedback for the site. In my defense, in the last 30 days we have posted on the site close to 10,000 words amounting to approximately 40 pages of text and images, and I am sure there were more than those 2 errors to be found. Should the commenter wish to take on a pro-bono editorship in Turned Earth, I am sure we could keep him busy.

On a Whole Other Level

For those wanting to see blogging taken to an art form, check business author Tom Peter’s blog/website. The staff there really put out a richness of information, that makes this serial seem paltry by comparison.