Progress Images- San Rafael Project II

Here is a follow up to the first
round of images
I posted from a current job in San Rafael, as we progress
into the planting phase of work. These images show plantings laid out waiting
client approval. We have this review step so that any changes that need to be
made to the plan can be done before the plants go in the ground.




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January 23, 2006

Current Project- San Rafael

Here are some photographs from a project currently under construction in San
Rafael. It features a large serpentine Sonoma Fieldstone retaining wall that
will create a lawn terrace with plantings and trees to be installed along the
street frontage.

DSCN0354 (Custom).JPG

DSCN1245 (Custom).JPG

DSCN1230 (Custom).JPG

DSCN1236 (Custom).JPG