Prefabricated vs. Custom Trellises and Arbors

The Garden Design Online blog had an interesting post on some different styles of prefabricated trellis and arbors. We have always had mixed feelings about these. While in many situations they make nice accents for plants to be trained upon, they don’t have the substance and construction to make a focal point in the same way a custom build arbor/pergola/trellis does. On the other hand they are a much more cost effective way to add a vertical element or accent to the garden.

The larger kits available for bigger structures have always been a bit subject as well. Frequently these are white vinyl and can’t match the detail or look of wood. A solution for something ready to assemble on-site maybe a custom woodwork shop like Charles Prowell Woodworks that ships nationwide.

Image from Charles Prowell Woodworks

Current Project- Heavy Timber Custom Arbor Structure

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