Nextel and the Bully Pulpit

I try not to rant here too much, and instead try to keep things focused on
things landscape related with an occasional customer service commentary. But,
after a series of incidents with Nextel’s woeful customer service, I wrote a
series of blog articles about our experience several months back. The
interesting thing is the effect of these posts. Because they were a big hulking
corporation, with commensurately slow and hulking customer service, Nextel could
care less about our company as a customer. Maybe that’s nothing much to fault
them on there. But a quick Google of “Nextel
Problems,” puts our posting in the first page of results, along with other
Nextel dissenters. And, Nextel is the most often searched term on the blog,
which means people come here to read our experience.

Just another example of how the Internet and blogs can be a great forum for
voices, opinion and accountability. Just ask business consultant heavy weight
Tom Peters and his experience with the Boca Raton Resort
& Club: “an incredibly crappy (“die rather than go back”)

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