Making the Switch to Verizon

Following up on a couple of previous posts concerning our cellular service
with Nextel (see… Problems
with Nextel
& Nextel
), we have made the switch to Verizon. In the end, it was a
question of service. Interestingly, Nextel was willing to talk about discounts
and work arounds when we were getting ready to cancel our service, but when we
first had our complaint they were unwilling to do anything. It just goes to show
that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, especially with a company as large as
Nextel. They were happy to charge us full price until we threatened to leave.
There’s a certain wheeler-dealer “car dealership” feel to these sorts of things.
It’s unfortunate that Nextel wanted to play games, instead they lost our

See noted business author Tom Peter’s
commentary on the Sprint-Nextel merger