Keep Tabs on the Weather Anywhere

We have just updated from our old Blackberry phones to new Palm Treo phones in our office. Of course there is always the hours spent figuring out and troubleshooting new technology equipment, but the Treo has proven to be much more powerful than our old Blackberries.

An especially cool tool for the Treo, that is really handy for project management when we are out at the job site is Treo Alarm. It updates weather information from the National Weather Service and displays the information right through the program on the phone without having to go to another website within the Treo. The alarm can be set to update the weather so that the information is ready when starting the work day. This is a nice feature, especially this time of year, when weather and rain drive what can be accomplished on a landscape project for any given day. This application underscores a key advantage to the Palm, a wealth of available software and accessories.