Great New Porcelain Bluestone Options

The world of paving and flooring keeps making technical leaps forward. Most people are familiar with a new generation of interior manufactured flooring that looks better than older materials and is more durable. The same advances have been happening outdoors as well, with a variety of new porcelain paving materials. Some of the best looking porcelain pavers we have seen recently have replicated one of our most used and favorite materials- Pennsylvania Bluestone. The amazing thing about these products is that they actually image real bluestone to then create a facsimile of the material. Advantages include better material consistency, lower cost, and stain resistance.

Kronos Full Range Bluestone Porcelain Tile from a recent install

In this video visit to one of our local suppliers, Bay Area Bluestone, we review porcelain Bluestone options from Kronos and Landmark.