Going Paperless

We are big advocates of digital technology, as can be evidenced by past postings. One element where we are trying to reduce paper work and storage requirements is to go paperless. Using primarily Adobe .pdf format we are in the process of archiving many of our old documents and records into digital form. It makes records searchable from our company network and saves on filing space. Going paperless or the “paperless office,” is not a new or radical notion by any means. Companies such as Xerox or Adobe (and countless others) have been pushing products and services for years. But as costs for good optical scanners and printers continues to go down, and acceptance increases among clients, vendors and our industry in general, it makes going paperless even easier and more seamless. We send our estimates out to clients in Acrobat format and use it for most client correspondence, which means decreased turn around time and easy tracking and search of documents.

Now to make sure everything is backed up!