Find Ideas for your Landscape at the Local Winery

After spending part of this weekend visiting friends in the Healdsburg area
and visiting various wineries for the Russian River Wine Road Food and Wine Festival, I was
struck by what a good resource wineries are for landscape inspiration. Where
else could you find estate sized gardens, well articulated, with typically free
admission and free wine to boot? Now obviously for readers outside of a wine
region this may be less of a possibility. Luckily for Bay Area residents we live
on the doorstep of the great wine regions of Sonoma County.

Winery gardens vary in their scope and style, but many tend to be of
Mediterranean/Italianate villa inspiration and incorporate fountains, outdoor
dining areas, and a wide variety of plants and materials. For smaller residences
the budget may not be the same as a large winery, but cues for stylistic
elements abound.

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