Concrete Patio Renevation- Before & After

We are working on this commercial project for a Pool Courtyard in San Rafael. As part of the renovation we are expanding the existing patio space, installing a new gas fireplace and a central wood trellis. Below are images from before and after the courtyard transformation as the concrete has just been poured-

DSC_8107 (Custom).JPG

Before Construction- The existing configuration of fencing and patios resulted in a cut up space that was not usable and didn’t flow well

DSCN1096 (Custom).JPG

The existing planters were cut out, new rebar installed and prepared for pouring

DSCN1129 (Custom).JPG

Concrete has been installed. This photo was taking right after installation. The concrete will dry to a closer match to the existing concrete. The result is a much more open and usable space.

sgc.JPGConcrete has been exposed with an acid wash and pressure wash and the concrete has had a chance to dry.
The result is a close match to the existing patio.