An End to the Rain

Well it looks like we finally have a break from the rain, at least for this week. So far year to date here are the precipitation numbers from the National Weather Service (as reported from the Civic Center in San Rafael):

Jan: 4.97
Feb: 2.74
Mar 11.41
Apr: 8.40

This totals 27.5 inches of rain to date, last year we had half this amount (14 inches).

Last year was also a wet year with rain into June:
Jan: 0.00
Feb: 5.02
Mar: 7.22
Apr: 2.07
May: 3.35
Jun: 0.53

Hopefully we do not have a repeat of last year’s May. All of this precipitation affects our landscape projects, resulting in muddy conditions and slowed time tables.

For More:
Find rain data from the County of Marin Website