Free Onsite Consultation

The following is a list of questions that will help O’Connell Landscape meet your needs in your landscaping project and help us prepare for your onsite consultation. Please address each question as thoroughly as you can. You may find that filling out this survey gives you additional ideas or insights into your projects desired elements or scope.

Even partial answers will help; you may also need to check more than one answer, where appropriate. Remember you don’t need to fill out everything on this survey — please do not feel intimidated by it. We are just trying to get you to think about the elements for your project and we have found this to be a very helpful way to solicit your input. You will be surprised at all the ideas you have, and together we can bring them to reality in your beautiful new garden.

Don’t have time to fill out this form? Please email at or call us at 415-462-9729 or 707-313-5320 and select option 1.

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  • 1. Where do you need work done?
  • 1b. What hardscape elements were you considering/interested in for your landscape project?
  • 14. Do you have a color preference for blossoms or leaves on shrubs/perennials?
  • 17. What is your construction budget? (Mandatory)
  • Having a budget in mind for your project helps us in creating an estimate that fits what you want to spend, and helps guide the development of the project. Frequently we do projects where we plan for the entire project and then divide it into stages to be implemented over time.

    * Note: Our smallest projects during the busy season are typically are in the $30,000 and up range. We find that below that range we have a hard time stretching smaller budgets like firms that are geared for that scale of work. We know that for many people starting out planning their project, they don't have a good idea of total cost for landscaping. If you have questions please call or email to discuss in more detail.
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  • Please give an E-mail address if possible. E-mail addresses are never used or sold for unsolicited mail.
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