Problems with Nextel

Nextel has been the long time choice of many in the construction industry.
Their walkie talkie feature made the beep-beep of Nextel phones common place on
jobsites throughout the country. We have been Nextel customers for several
years, our plan growing steadily over time to include more and more phones (we
were laughing in the office the other day about how we ever got anything done in
the days of pagers).

Our problems with Nextel recently started with one phone, (mine) going over
its allotted minutes. We called Nextel to try to change the rate plan or add
additional purchased minutes. We were curtly informed that they could make the
change but it would not take effect until the next billing period. This,
however, did not solve our problems, we needed extra minutes this month. The
representatives at Nextel however hid behind their policy of no changes once the
billing period has started (they no doubt relish the millions of dollars in
overage charges they receive). After trying via email and on the phone to speak
to a supervisor, we were again informed that no exception could be made.

That was fine for Nextel, but did not work well to meet our needs. So now we
are looking at other cellular carriers, who will actually help us with our
wireless service. Imagine if we had been a huge company with hundreds of phones;
Nextel’s policy may make their billing easier but it doesn’t help their

After checking around, both Verizon and Cingular do offer pro-rated plans, as
did Nextel a few years ago. It’s not that the policy was the problem, it was the
impression that they did not care about our business.

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