MMWD’s Long Term Water Plan

There was an editorial in the Marin IJ from Marin Municipal Water District’s general manager recently about the districts plans for water conservation. Like all water districts in the state, the needs and demands on the water supply are becoming more pronounced.

In about one in 10 years, the district would ask customers
to voluntarily reduce water use by 10 percent. In the most severe drought
years, MMWD would require customers to reduce water use by 25 percent. In spite
of these reductions in drought years, MMWD still would not have sufficient
water to meet customers’ needs. To close this gap, customers would have to
reduce water use in all years, reducing 10 percent immediately. Demand
reductions would have to increase to 20 percent in 2025 because population
growth in Novato and Petaluma
will have first call on supplies from the Russian River

Conservation is obviously the main tool the water district has at its disposal to manage the water supply. This needs to be combined with increased reclaimed water efforts and could be supplemented be a future desalination plant the district has been exploring. In any scenario, it seems that water supply will be a major future issue in the county and a general issue in the landscape industry.