Live Oak Hobbit Hill Renovation

Hobbit Hill Existing Conditions

The Problem

The Hobbit Hill is one of the main elements of Live Oak’s Kindergarten/Elementary play space. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the hill and it is need of a tune-up. In the winter the hill is too muddy to be played on and must be roped off. By summer it is choked with Foxtails and other weeds. Erosion has worn away soil around the  Live Oak tree and around the culvert crawling tubes.

The Solution

Live Oak’s garden coordinators in conjunction with parent volunteers have put together a plan to restore the Hobbit Hill and resolve the issues that limit it from being fun year round.
The plan improves the area with the following elements:

  • Fieldstone Edging: to control erosion and improve definition and maintenance
  • Mow-Free Sod: to re-vegetate the hill, with less downtime for grow in
  • New Fill Soil: to prep for sod and repair and backfill erosion
  • Playground bark: to reduce mud at the entry and exit of the crawling tubes


PDF File: Live Oak Hobbit Hill Renovation 1-29-20

Video: Design Overview

Video: Existing Conditions/Considerations


Mow Free Sod- Delta Bluegrass- Can be left unmowed for reduced maintenance and a more natural look

Mow Free Fescue Example
Corner of Lakeville and Lindberg Streets, Petaluma

Sonoma Fieldstone- low cost rock that matches existing boulders

Sonoma Fieldstone Material Example


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