Deer Resistant Plant Lists

When planting outside “the garden walls,” it is a good idea to consult a listing of deer resistant plants (see our past post about the difference between deer resistant and deer proof). With this in mind, here are some good online resources of plants used in California landscapes that fare better against deer.

California Natives – List compiled by Mostly Natives Nursery

Native Plant List– Las Pilitas Nursery- with fire info as well

Deer Resistant Plants -From UC Davis

Online Resources by State -From

List from Northern Gardener

Deer, Water Conservation & Fire List– San Luis Obisipo Botanical Garden

Gardener’s Guide to Preventing Deer Damage– State of California

Deer List– Gardenweb Forums

Deer in the Urban Landscape

Deer Resistant Ornamental Plants– Oregon State Extension

Deer Resistant Plants– Central Texas Gardener