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Our Portfolios on Houzz

For those not familiar with Houzz, it’s a home design website with lots of good images of high end projects both inside and out. We have loaded our full portfolio on Houzz, and use its Ideabook feature to show clients precedent images and examples of our work. It’s a great collaborative tool and free to join.



A Professional Quality Portfolio Builder

We just purchased a new Nikon digital camera for our office to shoot our projects (and of course as a fun toy).

The quality is amazing, and the wait is over. A professional quality camera (one that would have been the finest available at many thousands of dollars just a few years ago) is available with a couple of lenses for around $800. We picked up a Nikon D3200 DSLR.

Resist the temptation to upgrade to something more expensive. Unless you are going to shoot weddings on the weekends on the side, or paper your office in 24″x36″ photos, you don’t need fancier features or more pixels. The camera will just be outdated in a year or two anyway.

For more of my shots, see my new photo blog- done as a lark to get me to take more and better photos.

Dr. Seuss, your plant is ready

From the Drawing Board- Petaluma Layout and Paving Plan

The hardscape for this project in Petaluma needed to be completely redeveloped. This plan helps establish a new more modern design aesthetic for the residence. Large floating concrete slabs are utilized for the front entry; while a new back concrete patio and connected small barbeque area integrate the same layout and theme.

Layout and paving plan for front and back yard project

From the Drawing Board- Mill Valley Concept Plan

We are in the conceptual design development phase for this project in Mill Valley. The project is a master plan to integrate a new entrance and driveway, improved access and usability of the front and side yards, and retaining walls and plantings for a lower slope area.

Conceptual layout plan with section view of lower retaining walls


Current Project- Kentfield Planting

We have started the planting phase of this large project in Kentfield. Pictured are planting layouts of some of the shade garden areas featuring Rhodys, Hydrangeas, Liriope, and Geranium groundcover.

2011 CLCA Award Winning Petaluma Project Video

We were fortunate to win an award at this year’s California Landscape Contractor’s Association North Coast Chapter Awards against some of the best companies in the North Bay. Thanks to the Morgan Residence for a great project. See the project video below.


Your Call is Very Important to Us

After a recent ongoing customer service headache with AT&T, the website Dial a Human, featured on Channel 7 on Your Side,  jumped out as a good resource. It gives the numbers to press to shortcut the interminable phone trees that are the hallmarks of most customer support.

Your call is very important to us, that is why we have optimized our system to delay you getting to speak to a real person. That real person will be in India and won’t have the training or ability to help you anyway, please continue to hold, while holding please enter your account number, so that when the agent comes to the line, we will ask you to restate your account number…

Taking the Cheapest Bid

We are doing work for a larger client for some landscape work that was installed by another contractor. The other contractor was cheaper than we are, but as we put in this benderboard along a crooked lawn edge, you can see what the installed product of the cheapest bid.

Corte Madera Project

We are working on this large and flat back yard project in Corte Madera. The project will incorporate a new patio seat wall and large deck to transform the formerly unused yard.

Turned Earth Now Linked to Facebook

Our blog and Facebook pages have now been linked. Making it even easier to follow the latest on our blog Turned Earth.

New Design Portfolio Examples

We have uploaded and reorganized our design portfolio examples. Take a look at construction drawings, installation details, elevations and conceptual and master layout plans at our design portfolio.

Mobile Blogging with the Droid X

The Droid has a spiffy app for posting straight to a WordPress blog. You can even directly upload photos.

Dealing with Pests Organically

This is the time of year for aphids and other pests to be causing problems with roses, annuals and perennial plants. Rather than spray a chemical pesticide we have been using Fish Oil based Organocide. It carries no restrictions on the label (caution, warning, danger, indications) and is suitable for organic production of fruits and vegetables. You may have to apply it a bit more frequently, and it may smell a bit fishy, but it works quite well. It has it’s limitations, but works quite well if properly applied (always read and follow application instructions). Safer Soap is another good option for a less toxic option for pest control.

For More: See Harmony Farm Supply’s Website of Pest Control Options

Image from Amazon

Music Recordings That Are Actually Free

While making some updated video slideshows for our website I ran into a problem- finding a nice soundtrack that I didn’t have to pay royalties for. After all, classical compositions from before 1923 are in the public domain right? Sure, but their recordings are not. Fortunately there’s, a website that has .mp3 and sheet music of public domain performances. A great concept and one that will hopefully continue to grow!

A Quick Word on Gratitude

We were discussing this a bit in the office today, while reviewing and debating the latest daily events at our company and thought it was worth sharing. Sometimes you just have to step back from the hectic busyness of each day and take a moment to express gratitude for what we have and the times we live in. A few things to be grateful for:

  • We live in one of the most prosperous, freest societies on the planet
  • We are living in the golden age of man kind. Witness to the greatest technological innovation in history, dwarfing all previous periods in richness, scale, and complexity. All while benefiting from being the longest lived, healthiest people to ever live.
  • We have unlimited information at our fingertips at an instant. Your smartphone can access information that would dwarf the Library of Alexandria.
  • A too large portion of the world lives on $1-2 per day. Has limited access to clean water, lives in poverty, lacks education, and is subject to all manners of disease that most of us do not even have to consider.

It seems like at times all people have an all to great capacity to take things for granted. To use one accomplishment as stepping stone for larger, greater accomplishment. Take a step back, a deep breath, and use your perspective to express some gratitude for all that we have. The poet Derek Mahan expressed this beautifully in his poem Everything is Going to Be All Right:

Everything Is Going to Be All Right

How should I not be glad to contemplate

the clouds clearing beyond the dormer window

and a high tide reflected on the ceiling?

There will be dying, there will be dying,

but there is no need to go into that.

The poems flow from the hand unbidden

and the hidden source is the watchful heart.

The sun rises in spite of everything

and the far cities are beautiful and bright.

I lie here in a riot of sunlight

watching the day break and the clouds flying.

Everything is going to be all right.

Derek Mahon


Current Project- Petaluma

This intimate back yard on the west side of Petaluma was an underused lawn area and deck with poor ground clearance and usability. The solution was to install a new permeable paver patio area, with matching block seat wall. Instead of using a permeable paver, a traditional paver was used, but downspouts and catch basins are directed into a permeable gravel field below the pavers, insead of the usual paver foundation of impermeable baserock.

Sand is being screeded to level and lay the pavers on this Petaluma backyard patio.

Belvedere Project- Bluestone Patio & Stone Wall

This project in Belvedere was completed earlier this year and has already started to grow in nicely. The clients wanted a space that created a stronger front entry, seating area, and a solution that pushed back the exsting hillside to create more space. The Bluestone Patio is complimented by a Rox Pro stone veneer that picks up the geometry and color of the bluestone.

So You Want a Reel Mower

There’s no better “green” lawn mower than an old fashion reel mower. Trouble is, reel mowers can be a lot of extra effor and take extra sharpening of the blades to be effective. New designs are helping to address some of these shortcomings. Fiskars new Momentum Reel Mower helps to solve this problem by incorporating a flywheel, meaning less effort to push the mower through the grass, and better blades that need to be sharpened less often.


Turned Earth Turns 400!

We are happy to announce Turned Earth’s 400th post! For the last 5 years we have been blogging about landscape issues and our ongoing work. We look forward to continued exploration, reflection, and provocation!

The Other Side of the Table

I just spent the weekend meeting with vendors planning an upcoming event. What fun to be on the other side of the table during the consultation process and see the presentation and portfolio elements, which elements worked and which didn’t.

Estimate Etiquette- The Good and Bad

We have been bidding on a lot of projects lately. On some of those projects we win the bid, and on others we don’t, that’s the nature of the process. One interesting aspect of estimating process as a whole is what I call estimate etiquette. There are two parts to estimate etiquette, that of the contractor and that of the client. Like any aspects of courtesy these are subject to interpretation and depend on the context applied.

In general good etiquette by the contractor means being punctual for meetings, creating a detailed and pertinent estimate, and delivering it in a timely manner. Good etiquette by the client means respecting the time and effort bidding contractors put into estimates on their projects (which can be substantial),  and updating clients as to the status of the project and their final decision moving forward.

For our estimates in general, these are done at no charge. They usually include an in personal on-site consultation and subsequent proposal presentation with the creation of a detailed estimate, and often supplementary materials information, specifications or conceptual designs. Client responses to the estimate can vary, but clients are usually either responsive and update the bidding contractors on the status of their project, or they fall off the face of the earth and do not only not update the contractor, but don’t respond to follow-ups via phone, email, carrier pigeon, etc.

Now, all this being said, we aren’t always perfect in the process of soliciting estimates for our projects with sub-contractors. The purpose of emphasizing good estimate etiquette is to help encourage some common courtesy and professionalism on both sides of the estimate process.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

One of our Office Fountains
Petaluma, CA 10:30am


Changing to WordPress

We just changed our blog software from Movable Type to WordPress. What a difference! WordPress is faster, more user friendly, open source and popular- all great features for a blog platform. For the non-professional web developer Movable Type wasn’t the right fit for us.

The best part of Wordpess is the photo management. Unlike Movable Type you can upload multiple images and organize them in galleries.

Post Referenced in Lawn and Landscape Magazine

Our post on our pricing and the pricing of our vendors was referenced in a story in this month’s Lawn and Landscape magazine.
Just goes to show that these type of pricing issues are critical to being profitable in a difficult economy.

In other blog related items, we just rebuilt our blog, combining an older platform of the blog with a new rebuilt interface. This means that over 350 posts from 4 years of Turned Earth can be found in one place and searched. Enjoy!


Our Demonstration Garden

Come visit our demonstration garden at our Petaluma office!

The garden is still under construction and features constant additions. Below are a few of the landscape installations we are featuring now. The garden is open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, stop by and see us or call and set up an appointment and tour.

-Smart irrigation Controller: with easy to use Solar Sync sensor that monitors and changes watering based on weather conditions

-Water Features: Self contained and in ground water feature samples

-Materials: Flagstone pathways, redwood fences and arbors, deer fences, decomposed granite and more

Synthetic Turf: installation and material samples

DSCN0162sm.JPGNative Sod Lawn
DSCN0161.JPGCan reduce water consumption up to 50% over a traditional lawn

Underground Sod Irrigation

DSCN9942.JPG Netafim irrigation buried under the lawn, no more evaporation, no more over-spray, and some serious water savings

Vegetable Gardening

Planters that are simple to install, easy to maintain and can produce a lot of food

Our Prices Are Lower, How About Yours?

As a result of slower times in the economy we have lowered our prices and found ways to cut costs on overhead to become more efficient and pass savings on to our clients.

I wish I could say the same thing about our materials suppliers. We have seen little if any change in prices for many of our suppliers. In some cases costs are going up. How about those delivery and fuel price increases when gasoline costs were above $4.00? In many cases they have remained as well.

How are we adapting? We are shopping around all our major materials purchases, negotiating with suppliers, and purchasing from suppliers we wouldn’t have used before that have cheaper prices. In some cases that means even discount chains like the Home Depot. On a recent order of mortar for a flagstone patio they were 30-40% less than large landscape material supply chain in the area.

Our Refferal Program

Personal relationships with our clients and excellent customer service are two ways we distinguish our company. When customers refer family, friends, or neighbors to O’Connell Landscape they are paying us a great compliment. In appreciation for your referral, we have set up a new thank you program. Just have your referral mention where they heard of us, and when we start the referred client’s landscape project, we’ll contact you to discuss your thank you gift. You can be a past client or simply someone familar with our work, either way, we have established this program to recognize our efforts and pass our name on to other clients.

Our Thank You Gifts

-Dinner for 4 at Buckeye Roadhouse
-A Weekend Get Away for Two at a West Marin B&B
-Or a Napa wine tasting tour

Vist us at the Marin Homeshow

We will be at the Marin Homeshow at the Civic Center this weekend Saturday and Sunday May 30-31. If you are planning on going to the show make sure to stop by our booth. We will be raffling off a free water feature installation.

Consider a Survey When Working Near Property Lines

There is an article in the Marin IJ today about homeowners in Mill Valley that build their landscaping and pool house on open space and MMWD land. Over 7,000 sq.ft. of improvements ended up in the Homestead Valley open space, sparking the outrage of neighbors and open space advocates.

This is a good example of why in many cases homeowners should consider surveys when working on fences, large parcels, or other landscaping near property boundaries. Should adjacent properties sell or if neighbors want to expand, encroachments can lead to frustrating legal conflicts and the possible removal of improvements.

New Office Location

We have moved our administrative offices to an exciting new location in Petaluma. The address is: 3028 Petaluma Blvd North, Petaluma, CA 94952

We still have an office and construction yard in San Rafael, but this new office has more space and room for landscape demonstration areas and will allow us to better serve both our Marin and Sonoma clients. More details to come soon.

Our contact phone remains the same: (415) 462-9729 or you can dial our Sonoma County number (707) 313-5320.